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Anonymous: De Wereld Draait Door has its funny segments and recent news 

I forgot about that. Thank you ;)

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Anonymous: This may seem random but ive been wondering it for awhile. In america we have "the tonight show" where people talk about recent happenings and its funny too! Does the netherlands have a popular late night talk show like that? 

We have a show “Dit was het nieuws” in which two teams make remarks about the news of last week. I can’t really think of anything else at the moment. 

We don’t have anything like “the tonight show” if I’m correct. 

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one thing I believe all Scandinavians, Dutch and Germans have in common is that we’ve on at least one occasion mistakenly said “ice bear” instead of polar bear

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   Dutch kiss; kiss for tolerance!

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charuchii is such a trendsetter.

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Proud of the boys and the girls!! Double gold, double OR at the team pursuit! We won 23 out of 36 speed skating medals! Proud to be a Dutchie!

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if you’re dutch and you don’t refer to your genitals as your nether lands then what are you doing with your life

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Openly lesbian and bisexual athletes at the Sochi Winter Olympics

Anastasia Bucsis (Canada) - long track speed skating
Barbara Jezeršek (Slovenia) - cross country skiing
Belle Brockhoff (Australia) - snowboarding
Cheryl Maas (Netherlands) - snowboarding
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (Austria) - ski jumping
Ireen Wüst (Netherlands) - long track speed skating
Sanne van Kerkhof (Netherlands) - short track speed skating

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