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Metropolises projected on The Netherlands. 
This projection made by Jaap Modder shows that The Netherlands is not a densely populated country but a large open city. 

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This reminds me of tumblr in some ways


Ik kwam hier om een beetje plezier te hebben en ik voel me eerlijk gezegd behoorlijk aangevallen op dit moment

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Dutch supermarket offers some real hands on testing of their products. 

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Forming The Common Linnets, Ilse DeLange and Waylon are two exceptional artists who represent the Netherlands at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with the song Calm After The Storm.

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Anonymous: Wow die anon was echt een rotzak! als ik LGBT-member was zou ik wel willen weten waar ik veilig romantisch kan doen en waar niet. 

Dank je :) Serieus bedankt! Ik vond het niet al te aardig die anon. 

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Anonymous: If you don't annoy Dutch people with LGBT matters, nobody would have a problem with you 

Who says you will annoy them. That ask felt like you shouldn’t show your sexuality. Well.. when I was in a relationship, I was proud. We hold hands while walking. So what. I’m allowed to that.

I couldn’t appreciate the “LGBTA;DGIVOJ;ZOGSLKFDFJIGSD”. So yeah. Don’t put that in my inbox if you want to get a serious response.

Also.. I’m pissed off because of something else, so might not be the nicest person at the moment. 

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Anonymous: Pro tip for anyone in the LGBTA;DGIVOJ;ZOGSLKFDFJIGSD community who wants to go to the Netherlands. Leave us with your LGBTA;DGIVOJ;ZOGSLKFDFJIGSD bullshit and no person will have any trouble with you. Just shut up and enjoy the tullips and cheese godverdomme 

Please get away from my inbox.



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Anonymous: I mostly just meant to add as a comment so foreigners don't come here thinking it's paradise for gay people (sorry dat ik je inbox vol spam) 

It’s okay ;) And no apologies necessary. I like things in my inbox :)

You seem like a nice person!